My daughter is 9 months, I had csection w/ her due to her being a breech baby. Can I try vbac? There might be a possibility that I might be pregnant.

You can try, I would recommend waiting until your daughter's first birthday to attempt future pregnancies. You should talk to your obstetrician about trial of labor after cesarean section (tolac), taking into account that the risks associated with it can only be offset by future pregnancies. If you want only one more pregnancy i would recommend repeat cesarean section and bilateral tubal ligation (btl).
It has been done. It is done quite often actually, but this usually depends on the health of your pregnancy as well as the comfort level of your OB doc in doing the vbac with you. So, i would do more reading about this matter to have better understanding of pros/cons, and discuss with your doc about it. Congrats if you are pregnant. If not yet, good luck to you.