I had sex with a guy on wed. And had sex with another on sat. Both guys came inside me, who is my baby's father? How will I know?

PREGNANT ? If your not pregnant ,the answer is neither. If you are, a paternity test (NIPP) can be done by taking your blood after 8 weeks and isolating a few fetal cells for DNA study. This is compared with the two guys and the dad is revealed.If you already had the baby, this can easily be done on babies blood or a cheek swab.
Quite simple. The father of an unborn baby is the person a woman had sex with. To avoid confusion, and many emotional, community, and societal problems, men and women can choose to have sex with one person in any time period (thus avoiding any confusion as to who the father is). If they fail to do that, when the baby is born, the mother can look to see who her baby looks like. Dna testing can be done, too.