Hey I am in the scabbing stage of my cold sores do I want to dry it on and put nothin on it or put abreeva stuff like on it?

Healing . Once the cold sore scabs, it is no longer infectious. It also means that abreva and other medications will not shorten the healing time by very much at this point keeping it most by using a chapstick, blistex, or other protective agent will help it heal better, just not a lot quicker. It will also feel better.
Simple hygiene... In the scabbing stage of cold sores, there's not too much you can do to make a big difference in how they heal. Early in an outbreak you can start antiviral medications. Later on, it's just simple hygiene... Really try to avoid picking or touching the sores. Sometimes you can get a bacterial infection on top of the initial outbreak. Avoidance of touching the area lowers the chance of that.