I get stressed easily and recently I am having a drink almost everyday. It is notrelaxing but I don't want to get addicted. What can. I do?

Try something else. Alcohol is actually a depressant and can make stress symptoms worse. Try exercise, meditation, or a new activity to distract your mind and see if it helps with your stress level. If these remedies don't help, see your doctor.
Stress management. For most people one drink a day is not unhealthy. However, using alcohol to cope with your stress is definitely not healthy. Find other ways to cope. Exercise, write in a journal, talk with friends by phone or in person, see a counselor, meditate, do yoga, find a hobby you enjoy, take a bath, take a walk... The list goes on.
Other ways . 1. Stress management techniques: relaxation exercises, meditation, mindfulness, thankfulness journals. 2. Letting go of problems that are not ours to solve; solve problems with solutions one step at a time; releasing unnecessary worry by setting realistic goals. 3. Using social support to help us manage stress and give us perspective 4. Self help materials. 5. Time for oneself. 6.Exercise.