My d&c was dec and hCG was 1100 in jan. After methotraxate in jan and apr my levels are still at 45 and have gone up and down each month. Help!?

Be careful. Check a urine test too. There is a rare chance u may have antibodies that cause a false elevation of the HCG levels on blood test (but not urine) there was a terrible case of this about 10 years ago where a lady had a hysterectomy lung surgery and radiation because it was assumed her levels were due to a choriocarcinoma, but it was just antibodies in her blood causing false HCG levels.
Need more info. If you had an ectopic, you may need more mtx or surgical evaluation. If you had a molar pregnancy, you may need an additional chemotherapy agent depending on what tissue was obtained on your d&c. Chronic ectopic needs to be screened for vs gestational trophoblastic neoplasm. Discuss this with your ob/gyn or have them refer you to a gyn oncologist for a second opinion. Keep your appointments!
Not normal. There is still some viable pregnancy tissue in your system. I assume an us showed it to be in the tube. If the b-hcg levels have stopped declining, one more Methotrexate injection is not unreasonable, but if the levels do not quickly go to zero after that, surgery for an ectopic pregnancy should be done.