After blepharoplasty, I have bleeding inside the eyeball. What should I do?

Complication. This is a rare but serious complication of blepharoplasty surgery. In the event that bleeding occurs, you must see your doctor right away.
Should never happen. If this were to occur because of the surgery, it would be considered a serious complication and medical error. The eye is normally protected during the surgery with a plastic or metal shield and any suture needles or sharp instruments should not contact the eye during the procedure. An ophthalmologist should be consulted immediately if you did not have surgery with an oculoplastic surgeon.
Uncommon. Most likely due to unintended trauma to the eye itself. Should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist asap.
Should not. Blepharoplasty involves the eyelid skin and some fat removal may be eyebrow relocation. It does not affect the inside of the eyeball therefor bleeding inside the eyeball is not part of the risks of this surgery.