Should you see eye doctor before considering blepharoplasty?

Depends. If you have dry eyes or other pre-existing eye conditions then this would be wise. If you have no underlying eye conditions and your plastic surgeon feels that you're a good candidate then it is typically not necessary to see your eye doctor. I hope this information is helpful. Stephen weber, M.D. Lone tree facial plastic surgeon.
Maybe. If you have eye problems like dry eyes or glaucoma see your eye doctor to be cleared before blepharoplasty.
Oculoplastic surgeon. Oculoplastic surgeons are eye doctors (ophthalmologists) who do extra plastic surgery training after residency. Find an asoprs trained surgeon who will have undergone rigorous training in eyelid and upper facial surgery. Many surgeons can do a blepharoplasty, but oculoplastic surgeons do more than anyone as the eyelids are their core specialty.
Would be wise. Although blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure it can affect the function of the eyelids as to tear handeling and tear distribution on the eyeball. In people with dry eye condition or weak orbicularis fuction, the surgery should be performed with caution, conservatvely and often with additional steps to prevent exposure and tearing problems. Your eye doctor can help in this evaluation.

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Will I need to remove my fake eyelashes before a blepharoplasty? I get eyelash extensions every two weeks. Even my eye doctor thinks they are real. Should I have them removed before a blepharoplasty? .

If. If your are referencing the eyelash extensions that are on each individual hair - this should not be an issue. It is reasonable to let your physician know that you have them, but having them will not negatively impact your procedure. Be healthy and be well, james m. Ridgway, md.
It. It should be okay to leave the extensions on for your blepharoplasty. You should ask your surgeon first to make sure, though.
This. This is no problem for me, but please let your treating surgeon know.
I. I do not ask patients to remove eyelash extensions before their blepharoplasty surgery. Long lashes are common today with the use of extensions and the increased popularity of latisse (bimatoprost).
Blepahroplasty. If they are extensions you don't have to remove them but if they are the standard fake lashes glued to the eyelid skin then they need to be removed.