How can you tell the difference between cystic fibrosis and asthma symptoms in a toddler?

Symptoms. Toddlers with asthma have episodic wheezing and/or coughing that are usually triggered by things such as.
Acute breathing! A toddler with asthma will make wheezing noises when they breathe, will have issues with activity and usually will have episodes of symptoms, often worse at night. A child with cystic fibrosis will usually have more serious infections and their sweat will be different. They will have much thicker mucus which is very hard to cough up. Asthma usually has the characteristic sound.

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Anyone know what is a pathogen that is present in aids, asthma, leukaemia and cystic fibrosis?

Confusing question. Patients with any of the listed conditions can have an infection or infestation by a common pathogen (they can all get strep throat).There is no unifying pathogen that causes all the conditions listed. Perhaps your question is really something else and the words are not quite able to address it.
Many. In all the conditions listed fungal colonization of the airway may occur. In immune compromised states such as leukemia and HIV, the fungus may become invasive and enter the bloodstream. Maybe you could provide a few more details in your question. Common viruses may also affect patients with these disease states.

Can u have atypical cystic fibrosis if u have asthma, severe pancreas involvement & CFTR m470v? Report indicates a 2nd gene may be rare or unknown

Maybe. Surprisingly, M470V is a common variation. Studies have shown 50% of the population has this mutation and actually less likely to cause CF. Most individuals with CF and carry M470V have some other hidden etiology that is the cause, rather than M470V. Genetic expression may be variable and so will be the clinical manifestations. Speak with your doc and a geneticist for specific information.

What's the color of cystic fibrosis poop/stool in toddler?

Should be normal. For someone with cystic fibrosis who has known pancreatic insufficiency, treatment with pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy should lead to normalization of stool consistency & frequency. For untreated patients, CF related malabsorption causes bulky, frothy, oily, exceptionally foul smelling stools that are more frequent and loose/watery (diarrhea-like). There is no characteristic color in CF pts.

I was diagnosed with croup and later with laryngitis. I think I also have cystic fibrosis. How can I tell the difference between the two?

Doubtful. If you suspect you have cystic fibrosis and your doctor thinks further testing is warranted they should be able to order specific testing to rule it out. That being said, croup and laryngitis are not typical presentations of cystic fibrosis. CF symptoms usually present much earlier than age 20 yrs.