How can you get a sleep apnea test done?

Sleep MD or DDS. Sleep testing for osa can be done either in a sleep center or at home. There are sleep medicine specialists, also called sleep physicians. Valid home sleep, studies can be arranged and conducted in the privacy of your own bedroom. Dentists involved with snoring can arrange a home test as well, and the tests are interpreted by a sleep physician. Ask your md or dds for a referral or a home test.
A simple call away. 2020 w. Pinhook road, suite 303 lafayette, la 70508 appt phone: 337-289-0241 night phone: 337-289-0241 fax: 337-289-0243 louisiana sleep diagnostics. Call here with your insurance info and they should be able to tell what procedure is for your particular insurance. It varies from carrier to carrier. Hope this helps.