Why doesn't the heart immediately fail during pulmonary edema?

Has failed. Cardiogenic pulmonary edema is due to high pressures in the heart as a direct result of heart muscle failing to squeeze properly (systolic failure) or relax properly (diastolic failure).

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What is the best treatment for pulmonary edema if the person has heart failure?

Diuretics/others. Diuretics help to clear the lungs of fluid. Ace inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, and beta blockers help to prevent recurrences of heart failure. Certain types of pacemakers may also help.
Treatment... One of the treatments for pulmonary edema caused by heart failure is diuretic therapy to rid the body of the excess fluid. This therapy needs to be prescribed by a physician and monitored very carefully, .

How long does it take for pulmonary edema to worsen to heart failure?

HF. Pulmonary edema is already a sign of heart failure.
Depends... Pulmonary edema can be caused by heart failure so heart failure is already present when the pulmonary edema is diagnosed. If the pulmonary edema is from some other etiology besides heart failure, the onset of right-sided heart failure depends on how high the pulmonary vascular pressures are and the reason for the pulmonary edema.

Once you have an enlarged heart and pulmonary edema, will it go away?

Yes, possible. Depending on the cause of your enlarged heart, if they underlying abnormality is corrected, then yes the heart can go back to normal size with correct medicines, espeiclly in a young person. For instance, tachycardic cardiomyopathy due to atrial fibrillation can be reversed. Control heart rate, take ACE inhib, betablocker, and I have seen complete resolution. See a cardiologist. Make sure TSH nl.

How long does it take for pulmonary edema to worsen and lead to heart failure?

Backwards. Pulmonary edema doesn't cause heart failure, it is one symptom of heart failure (although other things can cause pulmonary edema as well).

If a patient has pulmonary edema and has heart failure occurring, should I.v fluids be ceased? And should iv fluids not be recommenced?

In most cases. The doctor has to find happy medium, but they should be giving diuretics and other meds to get fluid off, plus sometimes heart medicine. Some fluid may be given, depends on condition, but usually limited.

How does pulmonary edema after heart bypass occur? Dad died 3 days after HB due to this, before he was put on vent he showed signs of hypoxia. Why?

Usually heart failur. The most common (but not sole) cause of pulmonary edema is heart failure. When the pumping function of the left side of the heart fails, fluid backs up into the lungs. That is pulmonary edema. It causes shortness of breath associated with low amount of oxygen in blood. If the bypass failed to improve dad's heart function that could have been a cause. MANY other causes are possible.