Is tuberculous pleural effusion infectious?

Yes. The tuberculosis bacteria is only rarely found in the pleural effusion, so it makes diagnosis difficult; however, if it is seen, it is just as infectious as from any other source. The main question is whether the patient is expelling tuberculosis from his respiratory tract as well, because 1/3 of patients with pleural effusion TB will have it in their lungs as well.
No with precautions. Could be if contaminated, the bacteria will not survive out side body, effusion is mostly a reaction to infection.

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Hello, Right tuberculous pleural effusion has been diagnosed and having cough with sputum. Is it contagious?

Tuberculosis. Yes, with cough and productive of sputum you are. Until treated and sputum resolved, you need to stay in isolation if you are not already.

In how much time tuberculosis pleural effusion of approx 550ml will get drain naturally?

Pleural effusion. This problem depends on many things. Age, health of the patient, and treatment of the TB are some of the main considerations. Sometimes the effusions may resolve after a few months, depending on response of the infection to the TB drugs, some which are more difficult to treat. If the effusions do not improve, sometimes they must be drained surgically.

Is tuberculosis pleural effusion is communicable disease, should I need to stay away from my family and friends if so than for how much time?

Not communicable. Tuberculous pleurisy is not communicable. If you do not have cough, there is no need for you to stay away from your family or any body else. Do complete the treatment for the infection. Wish you good health!

Is it enough to conclude that someone is suffering from tuberculosis pleural effusion by only seeing x-ray and testing pleural fluid specially ADA lvl?

Necessary, not suffi. An elevated ADA level is a necessary condition for TB-related pleural effusion, but not sufficient. In 1 study, (Lamsal 2007), 13 of 42 pts with elevated ADA had non-TB disease (about 30%). Malignancy (cancer) & Histo can elevated ADA. To confirm TB, you shd have other tests- PPD, acid-fast culture, characteristic X-ray, quantiferon gold. If all test neg, then ADA suggests TB but not confirmatory.
TB. If a pleural effusion is caused by tuberculosis, a biopsy of the pleura should prove diagnostic. Simply examining the xray would not provide a definitive diagnosis. A pulmonologist or specialist in infectious diseases would be best qualified to work up such a patient.

How can one differentiate pulmonary embolism from extra pleural effusion tuberculosis?

CT angio. Of the chest is usually diagnostic for pulmonary embolism. Analysis of the pleural fluid, including mycobacterium cultures would point toward tuberculosis, which otherwise may be difficult to diagnose, unless living in an endemic area. Beware that the 2 conditions may coexist, unfortunately, and having 1 does not rule out the other.

Pleural effusion is this contagious?

Basically no. A pleural effusion is fluid between the chest wall and the lung. There are many causes of pleural effusions ranging from cancer to infection to inflammatory conditions and many other reasons. Infections can be contagious, but pleural effusions are not passed on from one person to another.
Pleural effusions. Themselves are not contagious. However, if they are caused by an infectious process, that could potentially be contagious.