What research is being done in interstitial lung disease?

ILD research. Interstitial lung disease is a general term for a group of disorders that affect the area of the lung that supports our alveoli - or air sacks. There are many causes some of which are described on wikipedia (http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/interstitial_lung_disease). You can find out what clinical trials are being done by searching this web site: http://clinicaltrials. Gov/.

Related Questions

Is there any research in the field of children's interstitial lung disease?

Check resources. This group of rare childhood interstitial lung diseases encompasses many different conditions. Go to http://www. Nih. Gov/health/clinicaltrials/findingatrial. Htm or http://www. Child-foundation. Com/ for more info or to contact a researcher in this field.

What elsecan be done to promote awareness of children's interstitial lung disease?

A lot can be done. Children's interstitial lung disease is rare & their treatment is best managed by pediatric pulmonologists at tertiary care centers that are experienced with the diagnosis & management of these rare conditions. To promote awareness, organizing lectures and seminars for the general population & medical community would be thebest way to get the word out. Also promoting research would help find cures.

What cab be done for interstitial lung disease and pulmonary fibrosis?

Not much. Ild/pulm fibrosis is a progressive destruction of lung architecture resulting in progressive shortness of breath. All therapy tried to date has not provided much improvement. Oxygen and exercise while awaiting lung transplant is a current management option. The mortality of ipf is on the order of less than 5 yr after dx.