What treatment is most used for hemothorax?

Chest tube. Most often, placing a tube into the chest can drain the blood from the chest effectively. Most bleeding from chest injuries stops on its own. However, an operation may be required for ongoing bleeding, or when bleeding has stopped, but the blood hasn't been well drained. In the latter situation, many surgeons are able to performs minimally invasive chest surgery, called vats.
Chest tube placement. A hemothorax is defined as significant pleural space bleeding with a pf/blood hematocrit > 50%. The most common cause is trauma. A thoracic surgeon should be notified immeciately as he or she may have to operate to stop the bleeding .

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What treatment is most used for a hemothorax?

Chest tube vs obs. It depends on the size of the hemothorax. Many will observe small hemothoraces not evident on chest xray. Larger hemothoraces require drainage, usually with a chest tube. Read more...