Does a CT scan show an atypical pneumonia?

Yes. Ctscans are very helpful iwith diffirental diadnosis of peumonias.

Related Questions

Can a CT scan always show an atypical pneumonia?

Most of the time. Pneumonia is a clinical diagnosis. Xrays are usually 48 hrs behind the clinical manifestation of the disease. Diagnosis of atypical pneumonia, therefore is by clinic and could be confirmed by regular chest x ray and not ct scan. However ct scan is more detailed and more in line with clinical symptoms. Shahzeidi, md. Read more...

Is it possible for a CT to miss an atypical pneumonia such as mycoplasma?

Not likely. If the ct of the chest shows no changes in the lung tissue an infectious pneumonia is very unlikely, an infection of the bronchi ( air tubes) might be possible. Read more...