How do you treat non-hodgkin's natural killer t-cell lymphoma?

NK/T cell NHL. The treatment is largely determined by the extent of disease. Patients with localized stage, therapy would be combined radiation and chemotherapy. Patients with disseminated lymphoma, combination chemo would be recommended. For most patients who achieve a partial response after induction therapy, a bone marrow transplant as consolidation would be recommended. Discuss with your oncologist.

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Is cutaneous t-cell lymphoma the same as non-hodgkin's lymphoma?

CTCL subset of NHL. Cutaneous t-cell lymphoma (ctcl) is a subset of non-hodgkin's lymphoma (nhl). There are >40 nhl subtypes. Ctcl is one.
Not exactly... Cutaneous t cell lymphoma (ctcl) is a disorder of a type of immune cell, the t cell. Hodgkin's disease is a cancer of b cells, another type of immune cell. Thus ctcl is technically a non-hodgkin's lymphoma. However, people typically use 'non-hodgkin's lymphoma' to describe other types of b cell cancers that do not fit the characteristics of hodgkin's disease. Talk with your doctor for more info.

T-cell lymphoma, non-hodgkin's lymphoma - what are they, are they the same thing?

Not really. Non-hodgkin's lymphomas are a very large group of diseases. Lymph cell can be called t cells or b cells based on surface proteins. T cell lymphomas are just one group of non-hodgkins lymphomas. There are also several types of those tcell lymphomas.