What does having an IgA abnormal blood result mean in relation to celiac screen?

Results. If you make IgA at normal levels, the standard screening tests for celiac are more accurate since they look for IgA related transaminases. Anyone with very low IgA levels may need to have alternative blood studies or go directly to an intestinal biopsy to get reliable info. Either blood work or biopsy are more accurate if the person is consuming some gluten in the weeks before their workup.
IgA and celiac. Iga type antibodies are the specific ones we are usually looking for in order to make the diagnosis of celiac disease. We can find them in blood, stool or tissues. Simply finding them in the blood is not enough to make the diagnosis for certain. If your total IgA level is low, it may distort the test result for celiac disease and make it look like you don't have it when you could have it after all.