Does any one know anything about the herpes zoster vaccine?

Shingles vaccine. About 30 percent of the population eventually has herpes zoster. About 15 percent of them have involvement of the tissue around the eye which can leave some people visually impaired. The vaccine is about 80 percent effective. Given the frequency of infection and possible severity the vaccine is recommended for anyone over age 50. If you have had shingles it is unlikely that you will get herpes zos.

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What is the difference between the herpes zoster vaccine and gardasil?

HPV vs. Shingles. Gardasil prevents human papillomavirus (hpv) infection. Hpv causes anogenital warts, dysplasia, and cancer. The herpes zoster vaccine prevents herpes zoster (shingles), a disease caused by varicella zoster virus in people who have previously had primary varicella (chickenpox).
HPV vs VZV - vaccine. Human Papilloma Virus is responsible for cervical cancers & a host of other (rare) cancers as well. Good to get protected against that -esp. If you're young. Shingles vaccine (herpes zoster vaccine) protects against the chickenpox virus that causes zoster or 'Shingles'. No one wants to get that, although the data suggests we have a 1/3 life time risk. I believe in prevention -both vaccines r safe.

Can herpes zoster vaccine be given to an elderly with active zoster?

No. No, someone with active zoster will not benefit from the herpes zoster vaccine, which is used for prevention, not treatment.
Zoster vaccine usage. Zoster vaccine (Zostavax) has the greatest utility BEFORE someone gets the 'Shingles'. If a patient already has it - I would say it's 'too late' to give the vaccine. Perhaps a few years later, however, it might be worth giving it to prevent a subsequent attack. A natural infection with shingles is kind of like getting the vaccine - although u have to suffer with the disease! Better to vaccinate.

Could herpes zoster vaccine be given to an elderly with active herpes zoster?

Why????? Giving the vaccine to anyone with active shingles would be a waste of time, resources and effort. It would not treat the infection or benefit the recipient in any way.

If someone already had shingles is it safe to get the zoster vaccine and can it prevent another outbreak?

Risk versus benefit. Centers for disease control and prevention recommend a single dose of zoster vaccine for adults aged >60 years, regardless of whether they report a prior episode of herpes zoster. Patients with intact immune systems seldom have recurrences, there is no more risk to a healthy patient who has had zoster, than one who has not as far as is known. Patients with prior zoster have not been studied.
Can be given age 50. The fda recommends it be offered at age 50 & up. The cdc has not weighed in on the lower age group & still stayed at the 60 year old recommendation for now, partly out of concern for supply. At age 50, there is a better immune response meaning more people can mount a good reaction to the vaccine (69% vs 50%) & become immune to shingles. The shot is very expensive but I do offer it to 50 year old's.
Zostavax can prevent. If someone's already had the shingles, I worry about the state of their immune system. Perhaps they are older and their body is wearing out through aging? Only problem is, the older you get, the less effective the vaccine becomes -- that's just the way it is with aging. I.e. think of that 102 year old - how frail they already are! Definitely would want to protect as this vaccine is safe.

I'm 30 years old and have had shingles 3 times in less than a year. I have an active case right now. What can I do besides take acyclovir? How long do I have to wait to get the zoster vaccine? And would it be helpful?

Shingles. You may be having herpes 1 or 2 infection (outbreaks) and not shingles. If indeed you have had shingles x 3 in less than a year, you may want to see a doctor for further evaluation and to make sure your immune system is not compromised. It is unusual for a 30 year old with a healthy immune system to have that many episodes of shingles.
See a pro. See a dermatologist. You have not had shingles 3 times in a year. It is something else [herpes??? ]. Getting shingles if far more effective than the vaccine.