Throat hurts. Is pollen allergy the reason behind this?

Not only allergy. Usually allergies only make your throat itchy or tickly. When they are severe and cause you to have to breathe through your mouth all night long, your throat will hurt in the morning but feel better after you eat and drink. After you stay obstructed for several days, you may develop a secondary sinus infection, and that will make your throat hurt as well. So a sore throat usually means more.

Related Questions

Every morning I wake up with sore throat if I sleep under fast cieling fan and after 2 weeks I get tonsil stones. Is it beacause of pollen allergy?

Could be. A 16 year old male waking up with sore throat and tonsil stones. These symptoms could be due to mouth breathing, especially in dry air, at night. Or could be due to pollen allergy. If allergy is the problem, taking an antihistamine or steroid nasal spray should help.

I'm having horrible pollen allergy problems. I'm having a lot of nose & throat congestion. I finally got some up from my throat & it had blood?

A little blood? It's not uncommon to have a little blood in your phlegm if you have been coughing a lot from your allergies. I would certainly start taking something for allergies to give you some relief. If you have been having night sweats, fever and weight loss, I would certainly see your doctor too.

In my region, pollen levels are the highest in the last 50 years. I have a sore throat, running nose and am very tired, no fever. Allergy or cold?

Probably cold. Allergies can sometimes cause mild irritation of the throat, but it shouldn't be downright painful. They are also usually accompanied by sneezing and itching of the eyes and nose. With sore throat and fatigue, I would suspect a cold, which may not present with fever. Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of fluids. See your doctor if you have any questions or if your don't feel better in a few days.

Will pollen allergy ever go away?

Allergy remissions. They can certainly lessen in severity in some associated with adolescents or in adults more senior years. But why wait and suffer. There are various safe and effective treatments.

Can I get rid of pollen allergy by moving?

Depends. Most people who are pollen allergic will be allergic in the new area. Typically if one moves to a different agricultural zone there will be different allergens. Because one is allergic and presdisposed to allergies it is not unusual to see one develop allergies in the new area.