Can you get immunotherapy shots for food allergies?

No. Immunotherapy shots are used to help your body make immunologic changes that enhance your ability to tolerate exposure to a substance. In the case of food, gram quantities are ingested, vs inhalant allergens, in which much smaller quantities like nanograms or micrograms are inhaled. Food desensitizations are being done now by mouth as opposed to with shots. These methods are in the early stages.
No. Food allergy shot for food are not appropriate and can be dangerous. Clinical trials for food allergy shots have resulted in fatalities.
Too dangerous. There is no currently approved form of immunotherapy for food allergies. Injection of food was abandoned as a potential therapy due to a death in a preliminary trial. Oral desensitization is a therapy under intense investigation at duke, stanford & other research institutions. Some patients are jumping the gun & self-treating. I advise waiting for peer-reviewed published results & guidelines.

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Is it possible to get allergy desensitization / immunotherapy shots for food allergies?

No. There are no injection protocols for desensitization to foods. Oral desensitization is being carried out at several research centers, but is not ready for general clinical use at this time. Read more...