Can children get immunity from chicken pox if they were given immunoglobulin when they were little?

Temporary agent. Immunoglobulins given at any time in life provide only a transient (6-8wk or so) boost to the immune system. These are pooled antibodies that begin to break down over time & are meant to protect against a specific event. There is no long term benefit. Immunity to CP or other agents is obtained when the antigen (cp vaccine) is given & the body makes its own antibodies that are replenished over time.

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Can children get immunity from chicken pox if they were given immunoglobulin when they were 2 or so?

No. Immunoglobulin is an injection of various antibodies; they last only a short period of time. In order to develop immunity to chicken pox, one must make one's own antibodies to that virus, which remain circulating in the bloodstream to knock off any chicken pox virus particles they might come across in the future. That is accomplished either by getting the disease or getting the vaccine.
No. Immune globulin only gives temporary immunity, about 1 mounth.

Are children able to get immunity from chicken pox vaccine if they were given immunoglobulin at age 2 years?

Confusing question. Any benefit of immunoglobulin is transient. It circulates in the system much as those passed by mothers to their newborn. After 30 to 90 days it is essentially gone. Only true vaccination or active disease will generate immunity to chickenpox or other similar diseases.

Should I take vacerilla immunoglobulin if I am pregnant and have been exposed to chicken pox?

Depends. VZIG is recommended if you are within 5 days of delivery to help prevent catastrophic neonatal disease in your baby. It is not generally recommended during pregnancy. The effect on the fetus is variable with sources listing about 4% with evidence of infection, skin scars, etc. This is something you can discuss at length with your doc.

How dangerous is for a 3 month baby (breastfeeding) to acquire chicken pox? Mom had it on infancy. Is there a vaccine or immunoglobulin available?

Not dangerous. A 3 months old gets enough immunoglobulins from the mother during pregnancy to protect till about age 6 months, if the mother had chicken pox as a child that means she has protective antibodies in her system and were transferred to the baby, rare at this age to have chicken pox, vaccination is available, but given at age 1, immunoglobulins are indicated for immune deficient patients, ur baby isn't.