What is an immunofixation electrophoresis?

Blood test. This is a blood test it takes to look to see if you have a lot of the same antibodies in your blood. It can be useful in diagnosing multiple myeloma and waldendenstroms. Among other diseases.

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What is the immunofixation electrophoresis?

Test for abnormal Ig. It is a test to characterize the nature of abnormal/monoclonal immunoglobulins in serum. It is often used in the diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Read more...

What is immunofixation electrophoresis? What is it used for?

Immunofixation electrophoresis. This procedure identifies which kinds of antibodies are present and in what relative quantities, after they have been separated by moving in a gel exposed to an electric field. The gel supports the proteins and allows movement, which the size and type of charge on the antibody determines its rate of travel. Read more...