Risks of hashimoto's disease & pregnancy?

Check levels. If the thyroid is under active, your dosage requirement for thyroid hormone replacement may change during pregnancy. It is important that your thyroid hormone level be monitored during pregnancy to be sure that the dose you are taking is adequate.

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I have hashimoto disease and have a pregnancy at risk. How to make it better?

Test. You need to make sure that your thyroid function test are within normal limits.

What do you suggest if I have hashimoto disease. Any one else with it and what do you do for it?

Seek treatment. When your immune system attacks the thyroid, it can "rollercoaster" from HYPER to HYPO thyroid and cause severe swings in energy, mood, pain, etc. A full workup is warranted and treatment will significantly improve your quality of life. Finding the right physician to treat you is the tricky part. For more info, check https://www. Facebook. Com/groups/95847031171/
20 million. Hi. Yep, you're not alone. About 20 million Americans have Hashimoto's. Are you hypothyroid (sometimes it's diagnosed before it causes hypothyroidism) yet? If so, take your thyroid hormone. Hash. Has no effect on life or longevity as long as you take your thyroid medicine and your TSH and free T4 are in a good range. Ask Louie Gohmert...he LOVES science!!! JK! There are intelligent people in TX.