Can glomerular lesions predict if I will get microalbuminuria?

Microalbumiinuria. This occurs when the kidney leaks small amounts of Albumin into the urine, when there is an abnormally high permeability for Albumin in renal glomerulus. It is a marker of vascular endothelial dysfunction and indicates subclinical cardiovascular disease.
If kidney hurt furth. Microalbuminuria – a urinary Albumin excretion (uae) between 20 and 200 g/min – identify subjects at increased risk of renal and cardiovascular disease.(macroalbuminuria) the increase of uae above 200 g/min (macroalbuminuria) heralds the onset of proteinuria (urinary protein excretion above 0.5 g/24 h) and progressive renal and cardiovascular disease. Albuminuria is due to metabolic syndrome.