Does autoimmune disease cause cytokine storm or calm it down due to immune dysfunction?

CytoKine storm. When our body detects foreign microorganisms indicating an infection, our body might respond by over-protecting the site of infection. The body may race so many antibodies to the infection site that they collect in a cytokine storm. When the infection is in the lungs, for example, a cytokine storm can potentially block airways and result in suffocation. Medical researchers have identified the caus.

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Can autoimmune disease rev up the cytokine storm, or does it calm it down due to immune dysfunction?

Increases response. In autoimmune diseases, something in your own body is activating the immune response. Therefore the system is working harder and attacking those cells it thinks it should be destroying.
Cytokine Storm. The precise reason for this is not entirely understood but may be caused by an exaggerated response when the immune system encounters a new and highly pathogenic invader. Autoimmune disease is not a cause of cytokine storm.