Any one best birth control for those with antiphospholipid syndrome?

Progesterone only. It is best to avoid estrogen containing contraceptives due to the increased risk of clotting. Highly effective progesterone-only choices would be the Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud, Implanon implant or depo-provera shots. Less effective would be Progesterone only pills. A highly effective non-hormonal options would be the copper containing iud. Less effective non-hormonal options would be barrier methods.
IUD/Implant. Regardless of your age, blood pressure, family history, or reactions to other birth control, the most effective and safest methods of birth control are long-acting progestin-only methods, such as the implant or the hormonal IUD, which decrease rates of endometrial cancer and decrease bleeding. Should not be a problem for someone with antiphospholipid. Avoid estrogen.

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I'm 22 n have antiphospholipid syndrome. What would be a good birth control besides iud? Could I get my tubes tied? I'm positive I don't want kids.

See below. Your options are limited to iuds and condoms, but to have your tubes tied at such an early age is an extreme option and while they can be untied, you might put yourself at risk for scaring that reduces fertility. While this maybe cliche, time can change your mind about children and you may want them ten years down the road. Have a long talk with gyn about this. Read more...