What is a prescription botox cream?

Not available yet. There are some versions of Botox that can be applied topically rather than by injection, but these are not yet fda-cleared. It will still need to be done in a medical office setting, not home use.
Rx Botox Cream. There is currently no fda approved botox-like/ dysport-like cream available for prescription use. No creams being sold today has fda approval nor can they legally claim to work like botox, Dysport or xeomin (incobotulinumtoxin a). There is a promising botulinum toxin based cream in the investigational stages working its way through fda evaluation. Stay tuned!
No effective cream. Although there are many neuropeptide creams that claim to be as effective as botulinum toxin, in my opinion, they do not work and are a waste of your money.
Botox cream. There currently no fda approved topical creams that have effects similar to Botox or dysport. Companies are actively researching products that both work and are safe. Stay tuned!
Non FDA approved. Currently there are no fda approved botulinum toxin creams. This is probably a bad idea because the potential for abuse is huge!