If a metastatic breast cancer sufferer has severe ascites how long can they live like that?

Longevity. Your situation sounds serious. If the cause of ascites is also cancer, you are likely at stage 4. Your longevity will be affected by your decisions to continue treatment and at what level. Your quality of live and your relationships remain of primary importance.
Variable. This is usually a poor prognostic sign and survival is short. But a few people respond to treatment and live a little longer.

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How long can someone with metastatic breast cancer with severe ascites (5 ltrs every 14 days) have to live?

See your doc. Unfortunately, questions like this can't be intelligently answered without seeing the patient and knowing more abour her (age, general health, etc.) in general, however, this situation implies a very poor prognosis.
Sounds bad. It depends on the treatment options available for this patient. Patients with metastatic breast cancer do have multiple treatmetn options which can extend their life for 2-3 years. But if this patient has already used up all options of treatment, then she may get into serious trouble in a matter of few weeks. We can not be exact in predicting survival without knowing the details of all treatments.

About how long can someone live with metastatic breast cancer?

Highly variable. Depends on where & how much metastatic disease, cell type, response to chemotherapy & underlying medical conditions. Some patients can live many years and some may not do as well.
It varies from years. The avergae survival of metastatic breast cancer patients is 2-3 years but it is highly variable and can range from 6 months to 10+ years! . Patients who have only one organ involved or if the cancer is limited to bones only tend to live for 4-5 years on an average.

In Metastatic Breast Cancer what does elevated ESR mean?

Not much. It is a non specific test which means it can increase in all kinds of ailments such as chronic infections (TB for example and in Chronic arthritis) and in many different Cancers. So it is not useful test for Breast Cancer....pure waste of money!

What is the new chemo drug used specifically for metastatic breast cancer?

Not sure. There are many breast cancer drugs available for metastatic disease. Several drugs have been recently approved for use. These include lapatinib, pertuzumab, ixabepilone, abraxane. Here is a list of approved breast cancer drugs; http://www. Cancer. Gov/cancertopics/druginfo/breastcancer.
Tell us more? There are many new drugs for breast cancer. So you have to qualify your question and indicate what yiou are intereste din or have you heard? Two new drugs approved within the last several months are called: tdm1 or Kadcyla (most recent one) and pertuzumab (perjeta). But neither one is a pure chemotherapy agent. The last chemo drug approved was more than one year back and it is called eribulin.