How many cigarettes a day can trigger a case of larynx cancer?

1 is too many. We don't know the answer to your question but, we do know that that laryngeal cancer happens way more often in people who smoke than it does in those who don't. Every cigarette does harm to the body in some way and, with the damage smoking also does to the finances, it's just not worth it in my book. If you were born after 1970, there's no excuse for starting- we know it's harmful...

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What number of cigarettes a day can trigger the risk of larynx cancer?

No safe number. Any use of tobacco increases the risk of cancer and there is no safe number for cigarettes.

What is the treatment for larynx cancer?

Larynx, also called. The voice box, comprises true vocal cords (the glottis), a short subglottis before the trachea and a supraglottis up to the epi-glottis and its functional parts. Treat ranges from laryngectomy (surgery), to radiotherapy alone for glottic, or chemoradiotherapy for supraglottic disease. It is highly curable in most stages.
Options. There are many options for laryngeal cancer. There are surgical options that range from minimally invasive to maximally invasive. Radiation therapy +/- chemotherapy is also an option.
Depends on stage. Very early laryngeal cancers can be treated with surgery or radiation alone. In advanced stages, surgery with radiation after (+/- chemo) or chemo +radiation upfront are options. The treatment choice depends on several factors such as the stage, anatomy, and patient choice. Your doctor can help you navigate through the various options.

Is chemotherapy necessary to take along with radiotherapy in larynx cancer?

It depends. For larger primary tumors and disease that spreads to the neck you might need dual modality treatment. This means surgery + radiation or radiation + chemotherapy. You will need to have a detailed discussion with your ENT and your oncologist in order to reach an informed decision. There are pros and cons to each treatment option, and they will help you w/ your decision.

Can it be possible for you to get throat/larynx cancer from singing?

Possible. Tobacco is the commonest cause of throat cancer. The cause may not be known in some patients. Throat cancer has occured in singers but it is difficult to know if singing caused the cancer.
LIving Life. Now, throat cancers can appear in humans who do not smoke. But, singing is in no way a risk for developing throat cancer.

How common is larynx cancer in men under 25?

Very rare. Laryngeal cancer usually occurs in older men who smoke and drink. If it occurs in a men under 25, it usually is a rare form of cancer.

For someone with larynx cancer 4th stage, can it be cured?

Unfortunately No. Stage IV cancer, by definition has spread to other organs and cannot be cured.
Stage IV. Contrary to other cancers, stage IV head and neck tumors are not always spread. Stage iva means a very advanced but localized cancer, stage ivb has lots of neck nodes, and stage ivc means distant spread. The last one would be considered incurable while the other 2 have a fighting chance (although I would say the odds are not great). If this is about you or a loved one, best to you.
Depends how stage 4. Laryngeal cancer can be stage 4 in a few different ways. If it is stage 4 because of being locally advanced, or because it involves lymph nodes--then, there is a chance. If it is stage 4 because it has spread to the lungs, then it is extremely unlikely that it will be cured. Even when it has spread to the lungs, it doesn't mean that there is nothing we can do, however.

What is the survival rate of larynx Cancer?

It is variable. The best person to answer that question is the patients doctor.
Depends on: Survival depends on several factors including how advanced it is (stage), age of patient, other medical problems, and how experienced the hospital is in treating head and neck cancers.

How are laryngitis and larynx cancer different?

Inflammation vs. Cancer. Laryngitis is inflammation of the voice, usually viral and it causes hoarseness and usually resolves. Laryngeal cancer is usually due to smoking and if not treated in the early stages can cause death. Consult these sites for details. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/laryngitis/ds00366 http://www. Cancer. Gov/cancertopics/wyntk/larynx.