Can you still have kids if you get radiation for cervical cancer?

Consult OB doctor. Your ob/gyn doctor will be the best source of information for you, as he or she will have all the information about the extent of the cancer and the treatment received. Without more information, it's not possible to say to what degree fertility might be affected, or whether vaginal delivery would be possible.

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I have had diabetic neuropathy for about 25yrs. I had radiation for cervical cancer last yr. It is gone. Ever since I have be I am 70. I can not raise my arms to get something out of the cupboard. Can't walk anymore. Have a hard time getting out of

Hello.. Hello. Neuropathy can be a tough one. Have you considered medical acupuncture? There are variety of types of acupuncture that can be provided by md's and do's. Protocols can be used to help with stagnated blood, lymph flow and electrical flow. If you are weak and your problems are chronic, don't expect a rapid response. However, there are often positive response even with this type of chronicity. It will require more sessions and a slow pace. It is non-invasive and is may be a good adjunct to the care you are already receiving. Take care.

My mother is opting not to do chemo and radiation for cervical cancer. What could happen if left untreated?

Need more info. Different types of treatment are indicated for different stages of this disease. Very early disease is treated with only surgery. If more advanced, radiation or chemoradiation therapy may be indicated as well.

Can cervical cancer be treated with radiation?

Yes. Depending on the age of the patient and stage radiation has a major role in curing cervix cancer. After evaluation the choice is between surgery and radiation. Some stages will also need chemotherapy.

Is there a way to deliver radiation internally for cervical cancer?

Yes. Yes, it is called brachytherapy (low dose rate or high dose rate). It can be given via a few different applicators. Applicators are channels where to radioactive source can be placed in to deliver radiation internally.
Yes. There are internal devices that can be placed in and around the cervix called tandem and ovoids. Within these high dose rate or low dose rate radioactivity can be placed that will treat cervix cancer. However depending on stage it may be necessary to still have external radiation to address the lymph nodes.

Can the treatment for cervical cancer always include chemo or radiation?

No. Early cervix cancer is often treated with surgery alone. More advance stages are treated with chemotherapy and radiation since surgery is not the best treatment. Radiation often involves both external and internal treatments.

What kind of food should we give to 3rd stage cervical cancer patient who is about to undergo radiation?

Low fiber. Radiation treatment for cervical cancer includes treatment of the pelvis. One of the more common symptoms that can develop during treatment is loose stools. Often times a diet high in fiber can make this worse and so we often recommend a low fiber diet. In regards to whether a certain diet can improve the radiation treatment we don't really know the answer to that.
Diarrhea. No limitations unless patient develops diarrhea secondary to radiation.

Pain in hips since radiation and chemotherapy for cervical cancer; does it go away?

More info needed. Bone pain in a cancer patient requires a careful search for metastatic desease. This may be a simple back strain, but it could be as serious as loss of circulation to the hip socket resulting in avn, see your physician, many questions are due to be answered.
Neuropathy. It can be related to neuropathy after chemotherapy and/or radiation. Often it does go away after several months. However, I would recommend to see pain specialist and start medical treatment.

My mom has cervical cancer stage 2 dr's r saying have radiation and chemotherapy but it is possible to have surgery?

Check details. She may be being told to have chemoradiation to shrink the tumor and then have surgery. I'm confused though, you listed a stage for the tumor and that is. Usually from surgical pathology exam. Clinical staging can be used though, so double check the details with her docs. If you aren't comfortable with a treatment plan, seek a2nd opinion before committing to one.
Not advisable. For stage 2 cervical cancer, most people recommend chemo + radiation. Surgery alone is unlikely to remove all the cancer, so they would have to have chemo and/or radiation anyway. Older studies showed very high complication rates with surgery + radiation.