Should a person get breast radiation treatments even with a history of past lung problems?

Should be fine. Modern techniques use pretty sophisticated software to minimize any collateral radiation exposure to the healthy tissues nearby especially the lung and the heart in the case of breast radiation. Internal RT or brachytherapy may also be a good option if the cancer is detected in an early stage. This targeted treatment is done in 5 days and can often spare more normal tissues.
Probably. Radiation is tailored to the problem and special beams will avoid the lung tissue.

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Should a person get breast radiation treatments if she already has a history of lung disease?

Discuss with MD. Discuss it with your radiation oncologist. Many variables: type and severity of lung problems, side and location of the cancer, stage of the cancer. Newer x ray techniques can limit the radiation to the lung - make sure that the XRT center that you are going to has the latest equipment.

I have a significant scoliosis. What is the best breast radiation treatment to avoid damaging the lungs?

Let me explain. Talk to radio-therapist and tell him about about concern, I am sure he will address them for you.
Does not apply. This question deals with radiation oncology as far as I can tell based on the term 'radiation treatment'. This is best asked to a radiation oncologist. If you are asking for how to assess scoliosis and minimize radiation to the lungs then a radiographic (x-ray) scoliosis series is best.
None. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine and radiation does not correct that. Radiation treatments are for specific malignant conditions.
X-rays from back. Shielding the breasts can be done with experienced pediatric technologists. The x-rays should be taken with you facing the detector or film so the beam enters your back first and limits exposure to the breasts which are away from the x-ray tube source. Damage to the lungs is of less concern than exposure to the breasts.
3D Planning. External beam RT to the whole breast after lumpectomy can usually limit significant doses delivered to the lung tissue with modern techniques (i.e; 3D planning or IMRT). With scoliosis, it is important to use proper immobilization devices during the simulation/mapping to assure reproducible daily alignment during the treatment. Another option (if early stage) is internal RT or brachytherapy.