Is frequent vaginal itching a sign of vulvar cancer?

Not likely. It is more likely due to yeast infection of bacterial vaginosis. Skin disorders that affect rest of the body can also affect the vulva and may cause itching, including allergy to materials in your clothing, e.g., detergents.
Itching. You are writing about two completely different areas. The vagina is inside and the vulva is the skin it side the vagina between the thighs. Itching is a common symptom of either area which is only rarely associated with cancer.

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Is vaginal itching a sign of vaginal cancer?

Vaginal cancer. Yes itching can be a symptom of vaginal cancer, but generally other things usually cause itching. I would recommend seeing your doctor.
No, not necessarily. But look out for any growth or thickening of the skin or muscosa. That can be a sign of cancer and itching can be a symptoms in some cases.

I have a vaginal itching and a sore on the vulva plus a discharge can I take ciprofloxacin and doxycycline combination? Thanks

See you gynecologist. They will evaluate you and decide the best course of treatment. If there is presence of a sore, you definitely need to be evaluated.

I have vaginal itching, no burning, normal discharge, I have a rash, what is wrong with me? The rash is on the right lip of my vagina and the vulva I think thats what its called.

Rashes. Rashes in the vaginal area can be caused by several different conditions. If it is a new rash, associated with itching, or if you have any pain, vomiting, or fever, then please ask your doctor for a complete evaluation.