Do abnormally low blood sugar levels mean I have hypoglycemia?

Yes. Hypoglycemia is abnormally low blood sugar levels. Though laboratories have different cut-offs, usually a blood sugar less than 70 mg/dl is considered low. Normally, the body regulates blood sugar to prevent extremely high or low blood sugar. There are some serious and some not so serious causes for hypoglycemia, and a thorough evaluation with appropriate testing is in order.
By definition. By definition 'yes, ' the word hypoglycemia means low blood sugar levels - are you asking the meaning of the word? Or perhaps you are asking something a little different?

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Confused about hypoglycemia, I have low blood sugar level but the doctor told me to not eat any sugar?

He likely diagnosed. Late [4-6 hour] after-eating low blood sugar -occurs because you lost 'first-phase Insulin release [ patients at risk for diabetes] with this, sugar rises, get increased second phase release of Insulin , and , especially with sweets at prior meal, causes a mismatch of food absorbed and Insulin level, causing hypoglycemia 4-6 hours after eating responds to avoiding sweets but incretins will work. Read more...

Can there be a threshold blood sugar level for hypoglycemia diagnosis?

Hypoglycemia. A blood sugar below 80 should prompt an evaluation of the trend, active insulin, and recent dietary intake. A blood sugar below 60 should be treated. Eating small amounts more frequently and avoid foods with high glycemic index (potato chips, cake, frosting) they spike your metabolic response and a few hours later you experience low blood sugar. Read more...

Which foods should you eat if you have hypoglycemia to sustain blood sugar levels?

Healthy food, less r. Eat healthy food. If you're on diabetes medication, then you need less. Talk with your doctor. If you don't have diabetes and aren't taking medication to lower your glucose, then you don't have hypoglycemia. You just have a natural lowering of high glucose to normal, which causes your symptoms. Weight loss and a better diet will stop the symptoms. Don't worry, symptoms won't hurt you. Read more...