Anyone have rectal cancer removed without a colostomy?

Sometimes. It depends on exactly where the cancer is located, and you need a surgeon experienced in this technique.
Yes. But it is highly dependent on the size and location of the rectal cancer. Larger tumors, tumors that spread to surrounding structures or lymph nodes, and very low cancers near the anal opening are more likely to need a colostomy. Pre-operative radiation and chemotherapy treatments may shrink the tumor before having surgery.

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My husband had colon rectal cancer and had a colostomy now he is going to get it reversed I guess I need to know how hard the surgery will be on him he has gone through so much and now its all fixing to be over please help?

It will be easier. Nobody knows how thing is going to happen in the future. However, the reversal surgery , i think, will be easier for him than the surgery he had before. He has been going through a lot and having the reversal surgery, psychologically, will be one of the closure for him . Good luck for him and god bless you both. Read more...
Talk to your surgeon. Colostomy reversal may be very simple (if it was an ileostomy)or very complex - if a "stump" in the pelvis and needs extensive internal work for reconnection.I have done ileostomy reversals in an hour or so but have spent more than 5hrs. For some complicated pelvic reversals.Postoperative bowel function depends on where the colon was removed, history of radiation, etc. Ask the one who knows best. Read more...