How do you prevent getting cervical cancer when already diagnosed with hpv?

Monitoring. You may never be affected, but having regular followup visits with a pap smear can pick it up before it happens. The process takes time to develop and regular monitoring can detect the early changes that suggest someone will develop it later. At that point a variety of treatments can be used to eliminate your risk.

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What can you do to prevent cervical cancer when already diagnosed with hpv?

F/u with your gyne. By updating your papsmears and following up closely with your gynecologist.
Same for decades. Women began having pap smears decades before we understood the connection of some strains of HPV with cervical cancer. The practice arose when they recognized detection of unusual cervical cells would allow early detection & possible cure before cancer was well established. This knowledge just gives your more motivation & tolerance to having the test done. There is no pill/diet/etc to prevent it.

How do you prevent cervical cancer when he is already diagnosed with hpv?

Discuss with your Dr. Your gyn dr. Will either advise serial culposcopies (vaginal examinations) + pap tests, or a an excision cone biosy of the cervix. Good luck.
Regular PAP and HPV. Most people are able to eliminate the hpv virus. If your partner has hpv, it does not mean that you are destined to get persistent hpv, let alone cervical cancer. Do get paps done regularly and have hpv test done at about age 30.
Papsmear, vaccination. If you are eligible- you will need to get hpv vaccination. To prevent it is by following up with your gynecologist closely. She or he will do serial papsmear and hpv testing. Also if needed to do a colposcopic examination and will do whatever necessary as indicated-for instance- surgical procedure for high grade dysplasia so it will not further develop into invasive cancer etc. Discuss with md.

How can you prevent cervical cancer if you already have hpv?

Get regular followup. If you get normal follow up with your doctor and keep your appointments for treatment and surveillance for abnormal pap smears, you can greatly reduce your chances of ever getting cervical cancer.
Not all HPV. Infection leads to cancer. You should be visually checked and pap smeared regularly, engage in safe sex practices so as to not give a gift that keeps giving to your sexual partner. Studies show that absolute abstinence can make hpv resolve. I know. Impossible.

Can the HPV (cervical cancer) jab hurt that you get in year 8?

IT IS NOT GIVEN AT 8. Yes the shot hurts but it is recommended to be given ages9to26.We usually start at age 11 years here in nj.
? hurt? All shots hurt some & this does a more than average. Although the testing and approval for this vaccine was age 9-26, I see no reason to believe that getting it a year early would "hurt" the immune response it is designed to create. It would likely be effective if given to any kid with a normal immune system over the age of 4.

Is it possible to get cervical cancer from anything other than hpv?

Yes. Hpv is a common cause of cervical cancer. However, you do not need to have been exposed to hpv to get cervical cancer.
Yes. Hpv causes most of the cervical cancer. But it only causes squamous cell cancer. Other types of cervical cancer (adenocarcinoma, etc) are rare but not caused by hpv.
Other risk factors. Cervical cancer is commoner in women who start having sex early, have multiple partners, and use tobacco. About 80% of the cervical cancers are associated with hpv, the exact cause of the remaining ones is not generally known.

Could a virgin get HPV or cervical cancer even without penetration?

Yes and No. You could get genital warts caused by HPV if you are rubbing an infected penis on the vulva (outer areas). However, you cannot get cervical HPV and dysplasia/cancer without penetration (at least I have never heard or read of such a case). If you are thinking of sex in future, condoms make a great barrier to HPV.

Can you get cervical cancer despite repeatedly tested HPV negative?

No, not true. Most of time cancer of the cervix is due to hpv virus but not all the time, other factors are involved in genesis. Cancer of cervix could be detected early and possible to cure by early diagnosis, by simple regular gyn visits, with pap smear with out requiring any complex test & interments.