Which insulin pump is best for a young child?

Is your child Ready. It takes time to learn how to program and use an Insulin pump. If the tube slips out of the skin or gets a kink in it, people won’t get any insulin. Then their blood sugar level can get too high, which can lead to serious problems. Insulin pumps usually cost more than Insulin shots. Wearing or carrying an Insulin pump all the time can be bothersome .Site infection.Etc i would ask is he /she ready.

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What insulin pump is best for a child?

Omnipod. My daughter an many kids use omnipod, the first tubeless pump approved in the us, combined with dexcom for cgm this is the most accurate and most physiologic "open loop" system you can use for your child. Read more...

I know a young person who is diabetic. Is there a site available for an insulin pump for him?

See the doctor. There is a process to go through to get an Insulin pump. My recommendation is for him to see his doctor for a referral to a pump educator. He can then learn the pros and cons from all the pumps. Then he can make an informed decision about which is best for him. Read more...