What is meant by having estrogen receptor positive breast cancer?

Feeds the cancer. Most breast cancers are estrogen receptor positive. The cancer cells have receptors that fit the estrogen molecule that a body produces. Think: a lock and key - when estrogen binds to the receptor the tumor cell is stimulated to grow and divide. Er+ tumors can be blocked by tamoxifen and Arimidex (anastrozole) (and others) that interfere with this pathway.
ER+. Estrogen receptors are small proteins found on the surface of some cancer cells. A positive result means the proteins are present, a negative result means they are not present.
Hormone responsive. Er positive breast cancer means that the cancer expresses estrogen receptors. This is beneficial because we can hormonally manipulate this type of cancer with drugs like tamoxifen and Arimidex (anastrozole) which are antiestrogens.

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What is estrogen receptor positive breast cancer?

Estrogen-SensitiveCA. Normal breast cells have estrogen receptors which are like locks that estrogen "keys" fit into. Many breast cancer cells also have these estrogen receptors, which is good for 2 reasons: (1)these cancers tend to be less aggressive (since they resemble normal breast cells), and; (2)"anti-estrogens" such as tamoxifen can be very effective chemotherapeutic agents for these cancers.
One with receptors. These are tumors with estrogen receptors on them. This makes them susceptable to some chemotherapeutic agents, like tamoxifen.

Estrogen receptor ER positive breast cancer adjuvant Taxol (paclitaxel) benefits?

Get Oncotype. In order to answer this question, more details are needed (size of tumor, lymph node involvement, etc). A test that will help to decide if you need chemotherapy or not is the oncotype dx. I highly recommend you speak with your oncologist and even consider a 2nd opinion.

Estrogen receptor negative breast cancer. Can I stay on my patch?

Yes but. From a breast cancer standpoint, if the tumor is er negative, exogenous hormones don't have a target and won't have an impact. If the original tumor was er-, there isn't any benefit to hormonal blockade and thus is would seem likely that ert wouldn't have any impact either. Outside of breast issues, discuss with your doctor (pcp or gyn) the pros and cons of ert as well as alternatives.
Estrogen&breastCa. Please see my page under the above title.

Natural breast cancer remedies? I learned that estrogen-receptor blockers treat cancer, but what are some ER blockers?

I am not sure what u. Mean by "natural" but if u mean something other than what ur oncologist recommends u are putting urself at great risk of failed treatment. There have been great strides made in the treatment of breast cancer and the current therapies are well documented and successfully employed with thousands of patients every year. Feel free to obtain a second opinion but seek a proven treatmnt, not snakeoil.

My mom had estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, should I be taking birth control or getting pregnant?

It is your choice. Even a family history of breast cancer should not stop you from having kids, especially if you are healthy and cancer free. There are also several treatment options for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, like tamoxifen. Birth control is, of course, an option if you do not feel ready to have children yet, regardless of your family history. Get counseling from your doctor to be sure.
Either/Or. People with estrogen-receptor (+) breast cancer should avoid using exogenous estrogen like bcps and may be on meds such as tamoxifen during which pregnancy should be avoided. However, offspring of breast cancer patients have no restrictions in that regard.
Wow! Mom's. Cancer weakly influences your choices. It may be that many cycles of estrogen (fewer pregnancies) correlates with breast cancer, but pregnancy and children are comitments that last, filled with joy and sometimes pain. Er+ provides a route for therapy for mom, not a directive to you. We think post menopausal estrogen increases risk, but some need it!

Is boron a synthetic estrogen? And is it to be avoided if you have had estrogen positive breast cancer, but suffer from osteoporosis?

Boron. I have not heard about boron being a synthetic estrogen. It can theoretically cause thyroid issues because it can displace iodine which is important in building the thyroid hormone.
Common. A cysts is simply a fluid filled structure within the ovary usually from ovulation. There are many different types of cysts, most being benign. Most will come and go on their own;however, a few will grow large and cause symptoms.
Yes. Multiple other available treatment for osteoporosis including biphosphonates, calcitonin and teriparatide. Also include resistance excercise and it d supplement if indicated.