Is there something called a k ras gene that causes lung cancer?

Yes. Mutation in the k-ras oncogene- which is the most common one found in lung cancer especially in adenocarcinoma- result in malignant transformation. Tumors with k-ras mutations tended to be smaller but more poorly differentiated, and they were associated with a significantly worse 3 year mortality rate .Attemps to overcome the impact of k-ras mutation in cancer is underway.
Yes. Kras is a gene involved in a pathway that controls cell growth. A mutationin the kras gene can lead to a propensity to develop lung cancer. There are several clinical trials that look at inhibitors in that pathway to treat patinets with advanced kras mutant lung cancer.

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How does the k-ras gene cause lung cancer?

One step. When k-ras takes a mutation that makes it stuck on the "on" position, it confers an unfair growth advantage on the cell and its progeny. Kras mutated lung cancers tend to occur in smokers and make mucin. There's no medicine right now that works especially well for this subcategory of cancers and its presence suggests other good target mutations are probably not present. Good luck, stay proactive. Read more...