How reliable is PCR HIV test 1 month after an exposure?

Not the best test. The better test 1 month after exposure is either a standard serology (elisa with confirmatory western blot if positive) or a 4th generation antibody/antigen test. Hiv PCR (viral load) will usually be positive, but false positives and negatives can occur, so it's an imperfect diagnostic test. Viral load is used diagnostically mainly in people with symptoms of acute infection.

Related Questions

A friend had hiv test at 6 months last exposure negative, now he had a pos for hiv-2 at 7 months. He also did a pcr at 4 months. Can it be false positive?

Probably false pos. HIV-2 is very rare outslide the area of west Africa where it originated (Cameroon), although I don't know about Albania for sure. The PCR should have picked up HIV-2 as well as HIV-1. So your freind's HIV-2 test probably is false positive. He should see an infectious diseases or HIV expert to sort it out.

1. Can hiv take more than 6 month to b detected in current tests available (4th gen, pcr) in market 2. How reliable are CAP approved HIV test in Mexico?

Completely reliable. With the modern, standard HIV tests, it is never necessary to test later than 3 months after exposure -- for most tests, 4-6 weeks. It never takes 6 months, never (even with older tests no longer in use). Pretty much the same tests are marketed and used world wide, and probably all tests in Mexico are just as reliable anywhere else.

How accurate is a PCR Hiv test taken 14days past Exposure?

Not altogether. If you receive a negative result, follow it up in a few more weeks. But I am glad you are getting tested and I wish you the best. Whatever happens, I hope you have a memory of love that you will cherish forever, and that from now on, you have an experience that has helped you grow as a man.

What is the likelihood of a false negative on a PCR RNA TMA HIV test at 15-20 days post PEP/post exposure? I have heard of false positives.

Too soon to rule. Out HIV. The PCR RNA test if negative at about 3 months after exposure would rule out infection. A negative result before than may not be definitive. A positive result be definitive any time.

Should I spend more money on a 7 month FDA PCR HIV test if I have a negative one already at 4 months? I have also negative AB/AG at 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 months.

No, not unless... No extra testing is needed, after a reliable negative test, unless a person is having new exposures to HIV-positive partners... but that should not happen, meaning a person must learn from his past. He should not be recurrently exposed to HIV, and should then fall under the guidelines for the general population, with regards to HIV screening for the community population.

HAD protected sex one time with high risk woman. I took COMBO HIV TEST@26 DAYS AND RNA PCR @ 11 DAYS. BOTH CAME BACK NEG. DO I need retesting after 3 months? I have been having headaches, feeling disoriented, and sweating a bit. Is this anxiety?

Yes to be certain. If you were protected that the chances of transmission should be very low. If you want to be absolutely positive you should repeat it in 3-6 months. I really cannot say about the headaches, feeling disoriented and sweating. I do not know your history. I would advise you to see your doctor.
Test is 95% reliable. At 4 weeks, but due to the fact that some people may have delayed antibody response, to get 99+% accuracy, a repeat test should be done at 12 weeks. Headaches, disorientation and sweating would NOT be due to HIV at this stage, so you need to find a different reason. Anxiety may be one of them.