What is the pathogenesis of mitral valve prolapse?

MVP. Mitral valve prolapse results from a weakness or floppiness of the valve leaflets due to an abnormality in the connective tissue in the leaflets. Mitral valve prolapse syndrome is associated with chest pain, rhythm disturbances and mitral regurgitation, and possibly strokes.

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What is the pathogenesis of a mitral valve prolapse?

Myxomatous change. Mitral valve prolapse is due to the mitral valve tissue being slightly redundant. Often this is related to slight thickening of the tissue and stretching of the chords that guide how far the valve moves. Sometimes the valve leaks, other times not. In may cases this is completely benign. Sometimes people feel their heart skip.
MVP. The definitions of mvp have changed....Get an echocardiogram to discern if the condition is benign or advanced or present at all.