What is the path to becoming a great plastic surgeon?

Passion for career. You really have to love what you do to become a great plastic surgeon.
Good versus bad.... Good plastic surgeons are talented and properly educated with a philosophy that leads to good results.
Talent. Plastic surgery is an art in surgery. Although training and qualification is extremely important, with the best training, if the surgeon does not have an artfull eye, the result might not be optimal. You can learn all the techniques of painting but never become an artist painter. Innovation, artistic talent and dedication to be the best in own field is the path to become a great plastic surgeon.
Dedication. There are different ways to describe what constitutes a great plastic surgeon, but i would offer that completing accredited residency training and achiving certification by the american board of plastic surgery is the minimum standard. Beyond that, demonstrating concern for patients' well-being and contributing to improvement in techniques and outcomes counts for a lot.
Dedication. The path to becoming a plastic surgeon involves a great medical education, training in an accredited plastic surgery residency program, and certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Once you've completed these steps, your path to becoming a GREAT plastic surgeon depends heavily on a dedication to patient care, compassion, and the abiilty and desire to deliver the best results.