I've been having a lot of pelvic pain. Varies from dull cramping to severe pain. What could it be? And what can I take for pain because my gyno won't help?

Need to know why. It wouldn't be a good idea for your doctor to prescribe pain meds without seeing you or doing tests to find out what the cause of your problem is. If the pain is severe, go to the emergency room. If not, make an appt to see your doctor asap. Depending on your age, pelvic pain could be caused by endometriosis or something more serious. Try an NSAID for relief until you see your doctor.
Find new Gyn. Pain as you describe is not normal. Find a new doctor.
2nd opinion. If you weren't given any diagnosis for your pelvic pain, it's totally okay for you to seek a 2nd opinion. In fact, i encourage it. Pelvic pain can be from many different causes, and requires thorough history and physical to evaluate properly. Good luck!