I had an anemia issue last year & now I have no appetite. What can I do? I do not want to loose any more weight?

Need to be evaluated. You should see your pmd and have further evaluation. The anemia and now loss of apette may be related or may be two different problems. How much weight dd you lose? You should have some blood work, and perhaps imaging study-depending on your other symptoms and whether you have significant weight loss. Also, if you have iron deficiency-gi work-up should be done as well. Start by seeing your pmd.
Anemia. Anemia is usually easy to fix. For the most common type, iron deficiency, you just take an iron supplement. Other types are alcohol (folate (folic acid) deficiency), vitamin b deficiency, and chronic kidney disease, and certain generic conditions (g6pd deficiency). But if you are having weight loss, that is a separate problem that needs evaluation. Anemia can result from weight loss, but doesn't cause it.