Hi, could any doctor tell me about how much is for a lasek myopia surgery? Thank you very much in advance!

LASEK pricing. Pricing for lasek varies depending on where you live. In my area, lasek cost varies between $3600-4800 for both eyes.
Cost for LASEK . I charge $499 more per eye for the newer safer noncutting lasek than I do for the older less safe cutting lasik procedure.
Ranges. There is generally a range from $1000 - 3000 per eye, depending on several factors.
Lasik surgery. Prices start at $299 per eye. See google search "cost of lasik surgery for myopia": https://www.Google.Com/search?Q=cost+of+lasik+surgery+for+myopia&rls=com.Microsoft:en-us&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&startindex=&startpage=1 for complete listing, depending upon your location.