Otc teeth whitening gels are painful. Can I brush my sensitive teeth with just straight baking soda and hydrogen peroxide?

Need guidance. You need professional guidance. First must determine reason for sensitivity and have addressed. Then follow your dentist's tooth whitening recommendations. Otc products are less effective than in-office guided therapies, and in the long run about the same cost.
No, use fluoride. No, you should use a densensitizing toothpaste or a Fluoride rinse to help reduce the sensitivity from whitening your teeth. Refrain from using the gel until the discomfort goes away. Talk to your dentist about the gel and what he recommends.
Bleaching. Before using any whitening product get a full dental exam checking teeth, gums with dental x-rays to rule out decay. Your dentist can suggest the best whitening option for you. Chronic use of peroxide products orally is not good.
Yes. Yes, but if gums look white after brushing, use less hydrogen peroxide. Oh, it will not whiten your teeth like the other products say they o.
Old school. Both of these are great ways to clean the teeth so long as you have good brushing technique. Start with a good professional cleaning at a dental professional then follow with soft brushing of adequate duration and gentle daily flossing.
No. First you must not use that product again for now . The hydrogen peroxide, will continue to irritate the sensitive areas. The best remedy at this time is mi paste to repair open areas with recalcification. Also check your ph of your saliva over the next five days with a home test. Chronically acidic acid mouth will prevent rapid repair. You can contact our office at dentalhealthcolorado.Com.
Yes. Although not as strong baking soda and peroxide are fine for use as a dental whitener as well as a cleanser.