What's the best way to get scares to fade, expecially one the face?

Options. Skinmedica scar recovery gel, excel v laser (genesis) treatment and other options depending on the nature of the scar.
No one answer. Scars on face as well as anywhere may take up to 2-3 years to really start to fade and large ones like keloids may require steroid injections to reduce. It really depends on skin type and how prone you are to scars.
Varies. The treatment depends on what type of scar, location and skin type, and range from topical treatments (silicone gel, onion extracts), injections of a low dose of cortisone for thickened scars, lasers such as pulsed light or pulsed dye for red scars, fraxel & fractionated co2 for acne scars . Fillers can sometimes be used for elevate depressed acne scars. Consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.