At 7 wk pregnant/ would inserting a nuvaring guarantee a miscarriage?

No. Inserting a NuvaRing while pregnant would not induce miscarriage because it is placed in the vagina.
NO! You should see a healthcare provider who offers pregnancy termination if that is what you are seeking. Placing a NuvaRing will not terminate your pregnancy and could result in problems with your pregnancy.

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If im possibly pregnant can my nuvaring miscarriage the baby?

Take pregnancy test. If you think you are pregnant you should take a pregnancy test. If it is positive I suggest you remove the ring and call for an appointment with your doctor. Read more...

I think I had a miscarriage but im on the nuvaring and have taken 2 pregnancy tests and they were both negative. I had light pink bleeding.

Why do you think so? If you are on birth control, using it correctly, and have negative pregnancy tests...then why would you think you had a miscarriage? Irregular bleeding/spotting episodes are common, and can be red, pink, or brownish. Doesn't sound like you have any reason to worry that you had a miscarriage. Keep a calendar of irregular bleeding episodes and discuss those with your doctor if they continue. Read more...