I have a mutation of the mthfr gene and have had a thermal ablation. I have had 4 pregnancies and lost them. Uterine lining is 3.74 can I carry a baby?

MTHFR Gene mutation. Here's some important information on the mthfr gene mutation... http://doccarnahan.blogspot.com/2013/10/whats-big-deal-about-methylation-update.html.
Low odds. The mthfr mutation is common and often not contributory to miscarriage. A thermal ablation of the uterine cavity, on the other hand, destroys much of the uterine lining where pregnancy needs to implant and can create a thin uterine lining. A thin lining may not be sufficient for pregnancy implantation and maintenance.
Can't say. Can't say for sure, you'd need more specific testing of the uterine cavity, as well as more specifics on which mthfr mutation(s) you have. Even then, the answer woud be only an educated guess. With information you provide i'm most concerned about the impact of the ablation.