I'm a 35 year old male. I've a sweet tooth. How can I control my sweet cravings? Are there any preventive foods or measures?

Rule out diabetes. Get a fasting a1c, glucose and a 2 hr post meal glucose. If you have diabetes in the family, are losing wt, urinating frequently. If none of the above and your work up is negative, then follow a hypoglycemia diet: frequent small meals consisting of protein and complex carbs.
Modify behavior. This is a tough problem for many people. First get a complete physical and blood work to make sure there is no physiologic issue causing your cravings. If you are in perfect health then you may need to use tactics that people with addictions use to stop the undesirable behavior. You can also try hypnosis, acupuncture, or just plain will power. Start by limiting yourself to one treat a day.
Yes. "sweet tooth" is a misnomer for diet that needs less refined sugars and more complex carbohydrates to prolong release of sugars over a long time. Think of it this way, simple sugars are jet fuel, complex carbos are like fuel oil. Also your sweet taste buds are calibrated at "sweet tooth" level. Reduce simple sugar, increase complex carbos with whole grains and the taste buds will reset lower.
Will power. If you know and understand the health factors then just cold turkey the sugar. Sometimes a supplement of chromium helps but my experience with it has not been good. You will not stop the craving by eating sweet fresh fruit but that is how our sugar should be taken.