Elevated liver enzymes. Quit drinking they went down. How many beers is it safe to drink per day on my vacation?

Minimal. You should consider an alternate or non-alcoholic beverage. There is no hard-fast number as every persons metabolism is different and there are other factors to consider such as weight and medications and what period of time. Alcohol is a toxin the liver must process to rid your body of it.

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Can arthrotec (diclofenac and misoprostol) or other nsaids cause elevated liver enzymes? I don't drink at all and don't know what could be causing it otherwise?

Absolutely. Two weeks off. If the enzymes aren't down, you'll be worked up for hepatitis B and C, Wilson's, hemochromatosis, autoimmune hepatitis and a few others. Or it may simply be your body's way of asking for more aerobic exercise. Good luck.