I dipped for 2 years and the other day I got a bump. It got bigger till it turned into what looks like a canker sore. But not white. Oral cancer?

You should see MD. You should see an oral surgeon and have it biopsied. Absolutely, need to rule out oral cancer. Nowadays incidence of oral cancer is increasing and this is related to hpv infection.
Canker sore? Check with your dentist. If it heals on its own it is probably not oral cancer. If necessary have the area biopsied. Better to be sure and be safe.
Hopefully not. Dipping is an absolutely terrible habit and you should stop immediately. Look at this as a warning sign. On the other hand, this is a very new lesion. It would be too early to worry that this is cancer. I would advise close observation. If this were to persist, get larger, or bleed you must see a doctor for evaluation.